What is PRP therapy ? How it works?

Platelets rich plasma(PRP) is a blood derived component that contains increased concentration of platelets in plasma that are used to deliver higher doses of platelets that contain growth factors which nourish and stimulate hair follicles. PRP therapy is an important treatment modality which now has found many applications in skin diseases like hair loss treatment, microneedling and PRP therapy, Vampire facial,  acne scars, facial rejuvenation etc.

How it is done?

PRP therapy involves the collection of the whole blood of the patient which is taken in an anticoagulant containing tube followed by centrifugation to separate PRP from RBC and platelets poor plasma. There is an approximately a fivefold increase in platelet counts in therapeutic PRP. When the concentrated platelets are separated from the whole blood, they are injected into the skin of the scalp where hair follicles are shedding or thinning.The procedure  generally takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

What are the benefits of doing PRP therapy?

  • Generally 3 to 4 sessions of PRP needed to see visible benefits.
  • Growth and thickening of hair follicles.
  • stoppage of hair loss
  • growth of new hair follicles 
  • These benefits of PRP regarding hair loss is mostly beneficial when hair loss is at early phase, there are hair follicles but growth of the follicles is slow and PRP treatment is taken at a regular interval.
  • Other benefits of PRP
  • Acne scarring treatment
  • vampire facial
  • facial rejuvenation etc.

PRP therapy Cost in Nepal

Average cost of PRP therapy in Nepal ranges from RS 6000 to Rs 10000  which is roughly  USD 50 to USD 90 per session which is way cheaper then what skin clinic in the western world charge depending upon the clinic and experience of the doctor doing the procedure as well as the area where PRP therapy need to be done.

At Radiant skin clinic and hair transplant center, a premium skin clinic in Nepal, all the procedures are done exclusively by the registered dermatologist with the use of state of the art equipment.

How many sessions of PRP do I need to take?

At the starting , three PRP sessions are done at an interval of 6 weeks and afterwards PRP is done after every year or so for the maintenance of hair growth by the PRP treatment.

Why PRP therapy in Nepal at Radiant clinics?

  1.  All the treatment done by registered Dermatologist
  2. State of the art equipment
  3. Cost effective
  4. friendly environment