Hydrafacial and Oxygen facial is the process of improving the skin cells by mechanically powered abrasion, often accompanied by the application of topical treatments. Oxygen facials differ in many ways from Hydrafacials allowing for improved results. The machine used for Hydrafacials uses rotating liquid with flushing motion to exfoliate and infuse the skin. There are four steps to a Hydrafacials and each one requires a different tip to be placed on the end of the machine. The first step uses water to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. The second step uses salicylic acid and glycolic acid to treat debris embedded in pores to help loosen it for removal. The third step uses water in a vortex cycle to remove the dirt and debris that can lead to acne. The final step requires serum for the liquid and infuses the skin with a myriad of benefits. Hydrafacial and Oxygen facial are forms of microdermabrasion.