Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive cosmetic/surgical procedure where hair follicle/grafts taken from back/side of the scalp or beard or body hair is transplanted to front/mid/crown of the scalp. Hair transplant surgery can be done to restore eyelashes, eyebrows or beard. Common indications for hair transplantation surgery is androgenetic alopecia in male and female, traumatic scar, burn scar or other forms of scarring alopecia. Starting from medical treatment like finasteride and minoxidil to Low level laser therapy (LLLT) in Nepal to platelets rich plasma (PRP) therapy in Nepal, Radiant Skin Care and Hair Transplant Center offers services related to every nukes and corner of hair loss treatment.

Hair Transplant is a purely elective minor cosmetic surgery where hair follicles from patients own body generally back of head or sometimes from the beard or chest is taken and is implanted on the front of the head. The hair transplant procedure is a restorative surgical therapy where grafts from different body parts are used and is not a regenerative therapy. Hair follicles are restored to the front of the scalp.

So far hair transplant has been the only permanent solution of the androgenetic alopecia which gives really amazing and satisfying result if done by expert Hair Transplant surgeon like in ours clinic which is the best clinic for hair transplant surgery in Nepal.

When hair transplant should be done?

  1. Androgenetic alopecia with sufficient donor
  2. Scarring alopecia like in burn or injury
  3. Patients with realistic expectations
  4. Female with pattern hair loss
  5. Alopecia areata (stable)
  6. Beard transplant

What is the cost of hair transplant in Nepal?

Cost of hair transplant in Nepal is very affordable when we compared the cost with some of the developed world despite giving the similar result outcome with excellent patients satisfaction. The approximate cost of hair transplant in Nepal is Rs 40 to Rs 100 per grafts which is roughly  0.40 USD to 1 USD. So for coverage of the scalp that cost would be around   Rs 100000 to Rs 400000 which roughly equals 1000 US Dollar to 4000 US Dollar which is very affordable compared to other center out of Nepal. Cost of the hair transplant in Nepal depends upon so many factors as mentioned below.

  1.  Number of grafts required – the most crucial factor for deciding the cost of hair transplant in Nepal is total number of grafts – higher the number of grafts – higher will be the cost of hair transplant.
  2. Area of baldness – Depending upon the area of baldness to be treated cost of hair transplant will vary as larger the area to be treated higher will be the cost of hair transplant in Nepal.
  3. Type of hair transplant procedure –  cost will vary whether one chooses DHT ( direct hair transplant) or FUE techniques.
  4. Experience of hair transplant surgeon – hair transplant surgeon with higher experience and skilled hands will charge more.
  5. Other factors  – like female hair transplant, credentials of the clinics, location of the like etc.  

Hair Transplant in Nepal step by steps all the procedures explained by the Nepal’s best hair transplant surgeon Dr Kamal Raj Dhital at Radiant Skin Care and Hair Transplant Center, Kathmandu, Nepal. 


Why Radiant Skin Care and Hair Transplant Center for hair transplant?

Everyday Radiant offers excellent services to patients coming to clinic for the treatment of hair loss from across the country. We are committed to provide world class hair transplant services in our clinic in Nepal. There are many reasons for our valued customers  to trust us for quality hair transplant service in Nepal.
  1. Advanced state of the art techniques and equipment –  we at radiant do hair transplant with the latest techniques like direct hair transplant with the use of modern equipment.
  2.  Experienced surgeon – Hair transplant in Nepal at Radiant is done by a group of doctors led by Nepal’s best hair transplant surgeon Dr Kamal Raj Dhital who is specially trained in Thailand and India for hair transplant and has over 5 years of experience of hair transplant surgery with over 750 cases of hair transplant surgery to his name.
  3. Experienced team –  led by Nepal’s best hair transplant surgeon Dr Kamal Raj Dhital, Radiant boast most experienced team of hair transplant doctors and nurses in Nepal.
  4. Transparency and low cost  – We are  transparent at all our proceedings during the hair transplant surgery and we provide world class premium hair transplant surgery in Nepal at a very price compared to other clinics around the globe.