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Hair loss causes and treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal

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 Hair loss causes and treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal

Hair Loss treatment in Kathmandu



Androgenetic alopecia

Hair loss commonly known as Alopecia refers to a loss of hair from either head or body parts but generally the head is involved. Hair loss may be a source of psychological stress to many people. There are various options available for the treatment of hair loss in Nepal ranging from medical treatment like minoxidil , Finasteride and PRP ( platelet rich plasma) treatment to surgical treatment like hair transplant in Nepal. Hair loss is generally treated by hair specialist doctor in Nepal particularly known as Trichologist. As all the modern and scientifically proven treatment options are available for the hair loss treatment in Nepal , no one needs to get panic because of hair loss in Nepal. Here in this article we will discuss all about hair loss and its treatment in Nepal.


Causes of hair loss:

1) Androgenetic alopecia: also called pattern hair loss , this is the most common cause of hair loss in adult male. This type of hair loss is due to the combination of male hormone testosterone and genetics and is also seen less frequently in female.

androgenetic aloepcia
androgenetic aloepcia

2) Systemic diseases : Thyroid disease particularly hypothyroidism is the commonest cause of hair loss. Other diseases like liver disease, kidney diseases and autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematous (SLE) also cause hair loss.

3) Nutritional deficiency : Deficiency of vitamins and minerals like iron, biotin, zinc etc. also cause hair loss.

4) Medications: Temporary and permanent hair loss has been reported with various drugs. Medicines used for treatment of hypertension, diabetes or acne can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy group of drugs used for cancer treatment cause significant hair loss.

5) Stress and anxiety : through a complex mechanism, stress and anxiety can cause hair loss.

6) Infections : Fungal infections, folliculitis, secondary syphilis are some of the commonest causes of hair loss.

Types of hair loss

1) Androgenetic alopecia – seen commonly in adult male where hair from front of the scalp is lost due to testosterone. Only definitive and permanent solution of this type of hair loss is Hair transplantation.

2) Telogen effluvium – This happens when most of the hair enters into resting phase of the hair cycle. It generally occurs after 3 to 4 months of any medical events like fever, thyroid problems, pregnancy etc. This condition is totally curable with medical treatment.

3) Alopecia areata – This is the commonest cause of nonscarring alopecia where hair falls out in patches. Hair loss in patches may be localized to small area in scalp or may progress to involve whole scalp or may involve eye lashes or eye brows or other body parts.

alopecia areata
Alopecia areata

4) Traumatic alopecia – hair loss may occur because of trauma.

What is normal hair loss?

As our hair undergoes regular life cycle of growing and falling losing upto 100 hairs per day is absolutely normal. If you notice any bald area in the scalp or thinning of scalp hair or losses of eyebrows or eyelashes or even body hair that is abnormal and you should seek a treatment.

How hair loss is diagnosed?

There are plenty of tests available for the diagnosis of hair loss.
1) Pull test, pluck test , trichoscopy and scalp biopsy are some of the tests done by the dermatologist for diagnosis of hair loss.
2) blood tests like routine blood tests, serum iron level , thyroid blood tests are some of the tests ordered by hair specialist doctor to know the exact cause of hair loss.
3) Daily hair counts: hair fall more than 100 per day is abnormal.

What is the treatment of hair loss in Nepal?

Management of hair loss depends upon the cause of hair loss. For the treatment of hair loss in Nepal various medical as well surgical treatment options are available.

1) Medical treatment of hair loss – First of all underlying cause of hair loss is identified and is corrected if possible. minoxidil hair solution available in 2%, 5% and 10% concentration is applied 1 ml two times a day. Finasteride and dutasteride are another class of drugs used particularly for androgenetic alopecia. PRP ( platelets rich plasma ) therapy is another non surgical treatment for the hair loss in Nepal. Mesotherapy and laser therapy are other options for the treatment for hair loss.

2) Surgical treatment of hair loss – Hair transplantation is only permanent solution of androgenetic alopecia. Hair transplantation is done by dermatologist in Nepal and is the minor cosmetic surgical procedure for the restoration of lost hair. Radiant skin care and hair transplant center is the premium skin care and hair transplant center in Nepal providing world class hair loss treatment , alopecia areata treatment and hair transplant in Nepal.

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